Our Story

Flutter Care was founded by Dolma Tsundu, an engineer and certified doula, whose mother experienced two complicated pregnancies - one of which nearly caused her mother to lose her life. These experiences have had lifelong impacts on her and her family. 

Today, she continues to wonder, if an at-home pregnancy health monitoring tool had been available for her mother, could these experiences have been prevented?

We believe so.

Flutter Care was born to lift and protect expectant individuals during these life-altering periods of their lives. We create new technologies to promote inclusive, informed, and accessible

perinatal care globally. 

Our goal is to provide you with the data and information you need to become your own greatest reproductive health advocate. As we do that, we're connecting the dots to transform archaic and discriminatory care systems that are failing families today.

We're building a #fluttermovement so that every expectant individual can receive the education and care that they need for a safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy journey.


We hope you will join us!   

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