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Pregnancy can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. The subjectivity and time-consuming methods of fetal movement counting frequently cause anxiety and detrimental effects on the pregnancy experience. Additionally, the current guidelines are not contextualized with maternal health factors. 

We build digital health tools to promote maternal and fetal health. Our first product, the Flutter Care Pregnancy Health Companion, helps expectant parents to connect with their baby while encouraging fetal movement tracking. It also offers evidence-based education and a place to record symptoms, notes, and experiences.

We're here to help you navigate your pregnancy.

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Positive perinatal support created for you, with you.


Easily track your fetal movements.

Understand your baby's movement patterns.

Learn from evidence-based health resources.


Find support groups.


Be informed of what to expect every week of your pregnancy to postpartum.


Record personal notes & track your progress with your calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an iOS version?

Yes! We are soon to launch our iOS version before the new year (2022). You can sign-up to be the first to know in the above email sign up.

Which countries is your app supported in?

We are available in 150+ countries worldwide. However, the majority of our educational resources are from Canadian health institutions and our app is currently only available in English. We are committed to offering the highest standards of healthcare education and hope to make this accessible to as many people as possible globally! If you have thoughts or recommendations, we encourage you to share them with us via this form.

Can I use this app to help inform my primary healthcare provider?

Yes, you can use this app to help you track your fetal movements and record symptoms, experiences, questions or anything else you would like to bring forward to your healthcare provider.

Is this app inclusive of all families and individuals?

Our app uses gender-neutral language and includes a diverse representation of individuals and families. However, we recognize that there is always room for improvement. If you have thoughts or recommendations, we would love to hear them via this form.

I have thoughts on how this app could be improved (or think there may be an error). What can I do about this?

We are committed to continuously improving and listening to our users. You can submit any feedback you have here or participate in a short interview with us by filling out this form. If you think there may be something wrong with your app, let us help you! You can email with the email you use for your account, your phone model, and what issue you’ve encountered.

What kind of personal data is being collected in the Flutter Care App?

Your informed consent is important to us. We strongly encourage you to review our end user license agreement, privacy policy, and terms of conditions to learn about how your data will be collected, stored and used.

Can I invite my partner/family member to view my data?

Unfortunately at this time, it is not possible to invite another person to your account. However, you are free to screenshot and share your data with whomever you feel comfortable with. If so, we encourage you to inform yourself of the potential risks before doing so.

My app is showing me that my fetal movement pattern has changed, what should I do?

If you have any reason for concern, contact your healthcare provider or maternity unit right away. You are not wasting anyone’s time! Learn more about fetal movements here.

How is the fetal movement tracker on your app different from others?

Our fetal movement tracker allows you to distinguish and track different types of movements (e.g. flutters vs. kicks vs. rolls). Plus, you have the option to write personal notes to describe your movements in more detail if you wish. We understand that everyone’s fetal movement pattern is unique and therefore do not limit you to counting 10 movements. Instead, you are able to determine for yourself which method of tracking you believe is best (e.g. amount of time it takes to reach 6 or 10 movements vs. tracking how many movements you reach within 1 or 2 hours).